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    The eyes are the window to the soul. Let your eyes speak and gleam with sparkles with this brightening & anti-wrinkle hydrogel eye patch.

    It contains collagen extract and various vitamins to prevent aging around the delicate eye area and to reduce under eye darkening. The elastic hydrogel patches adhere tightly even to an uneven skin and provide the effective delivery of efficient ingredients to reveal brighter, firmer eye contour.

    **Expiry Date: 13/6/2023

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    A wrinkle improving eye serum that contains Grape stem cell component to firm sagging skin around the eye area.

    Hyaluronic Acid forms moisture film on the skin surface to prevent moisture evaporation of the skin and keep it moist and elastic. This lightweight serum absorbs into the skin without stickiness.

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    An eye cream with excellent skin-improving effect of Galactomyces. Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate contains various active ingredients and it is a well-known ingredient in the beauty industry.

    This essence contains 8 fermented ingredients giving you the synergistic effect on skin tone, skin elasticity and moisture improvement. This energizing eye cream is good for fading dark circles and improving fines lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye area.

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    An antioxidant intense eye cream that gives a brighter and more youthful look. Schwanen Garten antioxidant eye cream moisturizes the delicate eye area, resulting in reduced signs of aging. It can be mixed in or used with the Schwanen Garten multi-active antioxidant ampoule for even more antioxidant power.

    *Developed by scientists and backed by decades of research, Schwanen Garten skincare is formulated using only clean ingredients and harnesses the power of naturally-derived antioxidants with cell-regeneration properties to defend the skin against premature aging*

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    This refreshing eye cream is an all-natural eye cream for the most delicate eye area. It contains not only Ceramide NP and Panthenol to strengthen skin barriers but also naturally-derived moisturizer, Betaine to keep the oil-water balance in your skin for long-lasting moisturizing effect.

    Adenosine and low-molecular-peptide keep skin elastic and reduces signs of aging around your eyes by combating fine lines and wrinkles. The hypoallergenic, vegan formulation is gentle enough for the most sensitive of skin.

    *Clean & Vegan Beauty, proudly made in Jeju Island*

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    A highly moisturizing eye cream minimizes fine lines and wrinkles in the delicate eye area. This soft and fast absorbing eye cream provides deep moisture and nutrients to reveal a visibly revitalized and brighter eyes.

    This multi-tasking eye cream can also be used on lip area, nasolabial folds and forehead to reduce fine line and wrinkles and to promote firming. Who says eye cream is only meant to be used on eye area?

    **Expiry Date: 1/1/2023