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    Pamper your skin with a 10-day-mask-away routine to revitalize dull, tired-looking complexion.

    It will be a true indulgence as ‘masking’ helps you unwind from all the stress you have had all day, providing amazing calming benefits. A win-win situation for both your mental well being and your skin health too.

    What you get:

    1 piece each — pH5.5 Mask (Soothing) / pH5.5 Mask (Brightening) / pH5.5 Mask (Purifying) / pH5.5 (Relaxing) / pH5.5 (Moisture) / Green Mud Mask (Soothing) / Centella Multi Mask / Bird’s Nest Mask (Pores&Sebum) / Lotus Leaf Mask (Soothing & Brightening) / Bird’s Nest Mask (Aqua)

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    A special mask kit curated for a week’s usage that will definitely transform your skin from the inside out.

    We have combined different masks which target different skin concerns so you can use it according to your skin needs on specific days when your skin needed that extra TLC.

    What you get:
    1. I’m Sorry For My Skin pH5.5 Mask – Soothing (1 pc)
    2. I’m Sorry For My Skin pH5.5 Mask – Brightening (1 pc)
    3. I’m Sorry For My Skin pH5.5 Mask – Purifying (1 pc)
    4. I’m Sorry For My Skin pH5.5 Mask – Relaxing (1 pc)
    5. I’m Sorry For My Skin pH5.5 Mask – Moisture (1 pc)
    6. I’m Sorry For My Skin Green Mud Mask – Soothing (1 pc)
    7. Pureforet Centella Multi Mask Pack (1 pc)

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    If you are new to K-Beauty and don’t know where to start, this set is a perfect epitome of Korean glass skin routine – the simplified version.

    We know Korean skincare routine consists of many steps but this is specially curated for beginners to feel and get a sense of what K-Beauty is all about. The key is definitely – hydration, hydration & more hydration.

    A basic routine to get you started off and see the transformation of your skin with the powerful water-binding molecules – Hyaluronic Acids

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    Submerge your skin in the hydrating power of Hyaluronic Acid with this set specially curated for dry skin.

    Hyaluronic acid (HA) is well known for its skin benefits, especially alleviating dry skin. HA can bind up to 1000 times its weight in water! In other words, it functions as a humectant and holds water molecules onto the surface of your skin to keep it nice and hydrated.

    Say hello to smoother, softer, plumper skin!

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    Adding face masks to your skincare (and self-care) routine can do wonders. Every healthy skin care regimen includes daily use and weekly use products. You can use a face mask once a week or up to three times a week depending on your skin type and skin condition. This intensive mask set gives you just what your skin needs to look WOW especially right before a special occasion when you need a quick pick-me-up.

    Everyone should introduce masking into their skincare regimen if they haven’t done so already. For just a few (relaxing) minutes a day, your skin will undergo a noticeable transformation that you can see and feel. You will love the way your skin looks.

    What you get:

    1 piece each — pH5.5 Mask (Purifying) / pH5.5 (Relaxing) / pH5.5 (Soothing) / Green Mud Mask (Soothing) / Black Mud Mask (Tightening) / Centella Multi Mask / Bird’s Nest Mask (Pores&Sebum) / Lotus Leaf Mask (Soothing & Brightening) / Bird’s Nest Mask (Aqua) / Eleven Huesday Skintectonic C5 Mask / Oseque Bubble TocToc Mask / Oseque True Noble Soil Layering Mask /Oseque Pure Noble Water Mineral Mask / Oseque Deep Sea Hydro Cream Mask

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    A 6-piece mask bundle specially for oily/combination skin type.

    People with combination skin issues tend to have oilier portion on the T-zone, which is the nose and forehead. These areas contain a higher amount of oil because they have more visible pores, which is where the oils are secreted. This 6-piece mask combo target enlarged pores, provide deep cleansing and mild exfoliation besides replenishing the moisture to your skin. Acne-prone and inflamed skin will also benefit from the pH balancing Jelly Mask and Pureforet Centella Multi Mask Pack.

    What you get:
    1. I’m Sorry For My Skin Black Mud Mask – Tightening (1 pc)
    2. I’m Sorry For My Skin pH5.5 Jelly Mask – Relaxing (1 pc)
    3. Privia Bird’s Nest Mask – Pores & Sebum (1 pc)
    4. Oseque True Noble Soil Layering Mask (1 pc)
    5. Oseque Dual Bubble TocToc Mask (1 pc)
    6. Pureforet Centella Multi Mask Pack (1 pc)

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    Radiate with gleaming, luminous skin – a remarkable skin-brightening set that is designed to make even the most stubborn spots fade. Dark spots, pigmentations, acne spots and uneven skin tone are what most people are battling with and the damage from UV rays further worsen the condition.

    This skin-lightening combo is effective and safe for skin as its main brightening ingredient is Niacinamide (known as Vitamin B3) which is a crowd favourite in the beauty industry. Revive dull skin and flaunt a radiant, flawless complexion.

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    A complete essential set to tame those red cheeks and irritation. Pureforet Rose Otto Sensitive Skin Combo is composed of 92% of Rose Damask Water to calm redness and sensitivity.

    Rose water is known as the holy grail for sensitive skin as it cools and hydrates your skin. Give your delicate skin the extra care it needs and deserves.

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    Everyone’s complexions are susceptible to dehydration (which is different from dry skin), regardless of skin type. Lack of hydration causes skin to look lifeless, wrinkly and lack radiance. This basic hydrating mask & ampoule set utilizes the power of Hyaluronic Acid to add and retain moisture in your skin revealing a plump and supple complexion.

    When hydrated, our skin cells swell, and this can be a great thing. It minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and generally makes us look less tired. So let your skin drink up.

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    Eleven Huesday Skintectonic Soothing series welcome balance and calm to sensitive, easily irritated skin and skin prone to stress-induced redness.

    Featuring a soothing blend of aloe vera, centella asistica and panthenol on its mucin-coated sheet, C5 Soothing Mask promises to nourish stressed skin and replenish the moisture barrier, resulting in a visibly healthier and calmer complexion. It also contains 5 types of botanical Stem Cell Complex (hence the name C5) for instant soothing and immense hydration while lowering skin temperature with the cooling effect of camphor plant extract.

    Using Zinc Oxide as its UV filter, this mineral sunscreen protects skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. A powerful soothing and moisturizing sun cream with the addition of D-Panthenol, Beta-glucan and 5 types of Ceramides to provide and retain moisture besides shielding skin with SPF50+.

    Recommended to use this powerful soothing duo especially after procedures like laser treatment or peeling.

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    Pigmentation is common, especially if you have darker skin. Acne, hormonal changes, aging, and sun exposure can all trigger pigmentation.

    An all-brightening set packed with abundant extracts of vitamin-rich fruits and plants, work hand in hand with all-time-favourite ingredients, niacinamide & hyaluronic acid, to power up the brightening effects while providing sufficient hydration to the skin.

    If you have pigmentation, it’s also important to always wear sunscreen to prevent new dark spots!

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    WINK MAKEUP GIFT BOX includes:
    1) Javin De Seoul Wink Sun Base (50ml)
    2) Javin De Seoul Wink Foundation Pact (15g) – choose 1 shade
    3) Javin De Seoul Wink Volume & Deep Mascara (Black) (1pc)
    4) Headband (1pc)

    Looking for a make-up gift set? This is just the right gift to surprise any make-up freaks.

    Javin De Seoul Wink Sun Base SPF50+ / PA+++ works as a sunscreen as well as a make up base that smoothens and covers enlarged pores to reveal a smooth skin surface before application of Wink Foundation Pact. Javin De Seoul Wink Foundation Pact offers a full coverage with UV protection of SPF50+ /PA+++ while leaving your face with a silky, semi-matte finishing. Choose any 1 shade from the 5 different shades available to suit all skin colour. Any make-up is incomplete without an eye-opening and volumizing mascara to create the most attractive pair of eyes.