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    RM 63.00

    A smudge-proof, long-lasting long lash fiber sets the eyelashes long and high, and then finishes with dramatic curls to create neat eyes.

    Ultra-light airy fibers lightly coat the eyelashes from the root of the eyelashes to the ends of the hair to keep the curls intact for a long time. Lashes are lengthened with a slim C-curl effect to further enhance the eyes.

  • RM 56.00

    A fast-drying, waterproof eyeliner with a fine tip for more precised and easy lining along the base of the lashes.

    Open up your eyes with this intense black, long-lasting formulation that glides effortlessly with maximum control.

  • RM 43.50

    This is not your usual eyebrow pencil –  A revolutionary eyebrow pencil containing rosehip oil and vitamin E to condition your eyebrows every time you use it. Does that sound good to you?

    Comes with a triangular tip and screw brush for easy application, it is well handled even by make up beginners.

    A waterproof formulation yet gentle enough on your delicate eye area with its inclusion of coconut oil to reduce irritation.

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    RM 63.00

    A smudge-proof, long lasting, volume-creating mascara that envelopes each lash to reveal fuller, beautiful lashes.

    Comes with a wide full-curved brush that closely adheres to the front and back lashes of the eye to give a rich volume to even the shortest of hair. The wide-grained brush and curling-up wax combine to comb your eyelashes at once to create a clear and voluminous eyelash.